Our New Ramp

On an overcast and rather windy day, 2 of our volunteers ventured up to our new container to install a new ramp!

Steve Wells coordinated the arrival of the materials, which were donated by RBS Groundworks and together with Nigel Tamblyn they set to work and installed a beautiful ramp.  The purpose of the ramp make it easier to use the container.  As you can see from the pictures that it is a brilliant piece of work and will greatly assist the whole charity when using the container.

Thanks from all at Cornwall Blood Bikes to both Steve Wells and Nigel Tamblyn for putting all the hard work in, and thanks also to RBS Groundworks for donating the materials.ramp2


ID Company Donations


NABB Stand at the NEC

As a Member of Cornwall Blood Bikes, I was one of many who volunteered to help man the stand of the National Association of Blood Bikes ( NABB ) at the Motorcycle Live Show at the NEC, running from end of November until 6th December 2015.   Luckily I was accepted, and initially was told that I was to help man the stand during the afternoon.  I also received an email detailing how to behave etc. on the stand!


You should, at all times, be wearing your NABB shirt, dark trousers and ‘proper’ shoes. Jeans, trainers and biking gear are not acceptable.  We’re not just being judged by the visiting public, we’re also visited (sometimes incognito) by manufacturers, sponsors and supporters – in previous years we have been highly praised for our professional look.

The times were all changed when I received an email from the Chairman John Stepney, that he had invited 6 members of the NHS Blood and Transplant Drivers in uniform, for a PR photo opportunity, who also happened to be bikers.

I arrived at around 9am when the Exhibition opened!  I found a local B & B and rode up on the Thursday.  As a biker there is free parking at the NEC during the exhibition and on Friday I arrived around 8.45, changing into normal dress, and after showing my relevant emails to the Organisers (you get in for free as an exhibitor) arrived at the NABB Stand where I was duly given my NABB shirt.  The other members duly introduced themselves, being mainly from Severn Freewheelers and WSBB groups.

John Stepney duly arrived and told us that he had actually sent the members of the NHS Blood and Transplant Drivers entry tickets, so that they would not have to incur any extra expanses to meet us, plus they would be able to see rest of the Show. The Show opened at 9am and closed at 18.00 hrs.


What I did not realise is that the Stand for NABB is donated free of charge by the Organisers, so that they do not have a say as to where they are placed.  We were placed in Hall 4  Stand number E54.  This was actually two rows from the back of the hall, which meant that there wasn’t much through traffic, although we were near the Motorcycle Museum Stand.  The crowds varied, as they passed. One moment you were busy, then nobody.  We introduced ourselves, explained about NABB, how they could get involved in their own region, being as riders, co-ordinators, or just promote the organisation.  We gave out leaflets explaining about NABB. Unfortunately, NABB had under estimated how many leaflets to print, and by the afternoon, we actually ran out! Here I wish we could have had some of our own, at least that way we could have had something to give interested people.  Two people from our area were interested, one from Falmouth, and another, who is actually a Doctor at Truro Hospital, who will be shortly re-tiring. Others we passed onto members in their area who could contact them afterwards.

One was able to have a look around the Show, but there always had to be at least three people on the stand, so that you could not really justify leaving for too long.  Plus people had been donating money and this had to be locked securely away before leaving.  In actual fact I did not leave until the Show closed at six and helped to close the front of the stand.

Thanks to the nearby B & B I did not have far to travel that night, and rode back to Cornwall on the Saturday.


In conclusion, it was a tiring day.  You are on your feet all the time.  You are talking over the noise of the crowd and in our case against the motocross bikes that are revving up to show off their displays.

It was a great day and a great opportunity to promote NABB, our national body.

Conrad Dowding.