Cheque Presentation

Caravan & Camping Club, Cornwall DA

Saturday 6th February Penny and I were the guests of honour for the Cornwall District Association of the Caravan & Camping Club Dinner and Dance at the Falmouth Hotel as representatives of the Cornwall Blood Bikes.

For the second year on the trot, CBB was their chosen Charity and we were warmly welcomed to share their evening and to be presented with a cheque for £1662.47 plus a further £20 for an auctioned raffle prize that the winner was not able to use. Penny was the surprised recipient of a bouquet.

We spent the evening sat with the Chairman and his good lady, David & Kay Egglestone talking about the Blood Bikes, their work and what it takes to maintain the Charity. It shows what a small world it really is as a CDA member on our table was an ex-Submariner going back to the original A & T Class Submarines (World War 2 types) lest I forget Kay Egglestone being an ex-Army Nurse. Sunday morning Penny and I said, in retrospect, how nice it would have been to have stayed down there the night at the hotel and really get the party spark.

Penny and I thank the CDA for the money they have collected the Charity, making us feel so welcome and for affording us such a lovely evening. We hope that this isn’t the last time our paths cross……in a non-emergency way!

PS. CBB wishes David’s daughter Rachel every best wish and piece of luck for her future health.


Ian & Penny Butler


Cheque Presentation

Mawnan Smith Coffee morning

Mawnan Bowling Club recently hosted a coffee morning in aid of Cornwall Blood Bikes.
Mark Holroyd, one of 70 Blood Bike riders covering Cornwall, joined the coffee morning in the Bowls Clubhouse and gave a short talk about the organisation and the wonderful service they provide for the community.

Cornwall Blood Bikes would like to take this opportunity to thank all at Mawnan Bowling Club for the amazing efforts, this will help to ensure that our service goes from strength to strength and continues to provide help to our communities in Cornwall.