Cornwall Blood Bikes & “The Beast from the East”

It is not very often that snow hits us this far west but at the end of February saw the “Beast from the East” hit us bringing firstly bitterly cold arctic conditions and then something we very rarely see, snow!

Our fleet manager John Penlerick and Chair James Forder along with the committee took the decision to ground all CBB operational fleet bikes as temperatures plummeted to reports in some areas of -5 degrees.

This was when our Cornwall blood Bikes fleet van came into it’s own. This van was able to be purchased through a grant the charity was awarded as part of the Aviva Community Fund Awards back in April 2017. The public got behind us and we were voted Aviva Community Award Winners.

The fully liveried van is a regular sight to be seen up and down the county attending steam rallies, country fairs, and other fundraising events with our gazebo and all the bells and whistles to meet the public.
But at the end of February with all fleet bikes grounded, the van allowed us to take emergency calls enabling our free courier service to continue to our hospitals and hospices across Cornwall.

A big thank you to every single member of the public that voted for us, it has made such a difference but also a thank you must go to our volunteers that pulled together as a superb team in very challenging weather conditions, enabling our wheels to turn, albeit this time on four wheels.

Cornwall Blood Bikes attend Girl Guide Thinking Day

On Saturday 17th February 2018 Cornwall Blood Bikes was invited to attend a ‘Thinking Day’ for approximately 100 Rainbows, Brownies and Girl Guides in Helston by Samantha and Imogen Goldsworthy. It formed part of their learning concerning volunteers throughout the county.

The concept of the idea was to get the girls thinking about all the wonderful charities and volunteer organisations throughout the county, and understanding what their roles are and what they do.

Steve Richards and Ian Butler  took along two of our marked fleet bikes to not only explain what CBB does, but to show them what is the main focal point of our charity and as expected, they were quite the attraction. Altogether, there were three charities that turned up and held workshops with the girls.

Steve and Ian explained how to the girls how we get called and who by, where we go to pick up and deliver what we carry and some of the diverse cargo’s that we carry for our NHS Partners and Hospices throughout Cornwall.

It was an unmitigated success and we have offered our attendance next year if they run a similar event.

This sort of event inspires the volunteers of the future and in our case, the possible volunteers that may one day replace us. By engaging with the public at these events, we get the CBB awareness factor out there which is as important if not more than fundraising.

Quite unexpectedly, we were presented with a handmade card and a donation of £100 which we have properly thanked them for, and their welcome on the day.