VolunteersWeek, Our volunteers tell their story

Throughout #VolunteersWeek it was a time to share just a few stories of why our volunteers are driven to do what they do and why they chose to support Cornwall Blood Bikes.
Meet Ian Somers.
Ian joined the charity back in 2015 volunteering as an advanced fleet bike rider, on duty coordinator and fundraiser.
Ian could often be found for hours on end supporting fundraising events around the County. Ian took a little step back from the charity for family commitments last year but we were so delighted to welcome him back earlier this year.

Here is Ian’s story……

“Why I Volunteer”

“I always wanted to be a ‘Bloodrunner’ when I saw an article in a motorcycling magazine in the period between leaving nursing in the Army and going back into the NHS.
That was the name of one of the original Blood Bike Groups. I wanted to do this, because I know from first hand experience what its like to be in charge of a ward or the MIU in the middle of the night when I’ve had to call a doctor for an acutely ill patient needing blood or clinical chemistry investigations.

In “my day” there were only taxis to call on and the pressure to watch the spending on the ward budget was as great then as it is now.

Quite often the patient themselves would be transferred between hospitals if a number of samples were needed as it was cheaper than taxis but it was at the patients discomfort and more paperwork to do on the spur of the moment. I wish there had been blood bike volunteers when I was staff nurse so it makes sense to me help my former profession and make there life just little easier in giving this service as I know what pressure they are under and it is so much better for patients.”

A huge thank you to Ian for all the hours of commitment he has placed into the charity in his time with us, helping us support the wider communities of Cornwall.
Ian is only one amongst nearly 90 volunteers with similar stories.

Local Cornish Business Sponsors CBB Fleet Bikes

As Cornwall Blood Bikes prepared to go operational 24 hours a day for 96 hours over the May bank holiday weekend, we had a very special heartfelt thank you to make to a local independent Cornish business.

CBB have been extremely fortunate that John Wills of Newlyn Tyre Services has kindly agreed to sponsor us with a quantity of Metzler tyres for our BMW 1200 RT(p)’s
After fuel, tyres are the most costly items for the day to day running of our fleet of motorcycles.

Last year we covered as a charity more than 96,000 operational miles serving our hospitals and hospices across Cornwall.

CBB are hugely indebted to John Wills for this most generous sponsorship and for literally helping to keep our wheels turning..

Photographed were (L-R)
Paul Thomas, CBB Advanced Fleet Bike Rider, Martin Hunt, Manager at Newlyn Tyre Services, with the handover to CBB Fleet Manager John Penlerick