Wadebridge Wheels 2019 Supporting Cornwall Blood Bikes

Cornwall Blood Bikes are delighted to announce that the Wadebridge Wheels Classic Vehicle Show now in its 23rd year has chosen to support Cornwall Blood Bikes.

Wheels is a charity fund-raising event organised and run by Wadebridge Rotary for 22 years,which in 2018 netted over £25,000 for local charities simply incredible

The event is held on Sunday 14th July at The Royal Cornwall Showground, Wadebridge and registration is open now with donations to CBB which will ensure our wheels keep on turning across our fabulous county of Cornwall.

“Wheels Classic Vehicle Show” – for Classic cars, motorcycles, commercial vans/lorries, agricultural, tractors, steam (mobile & stationary) and military alongside trade and autojumble stands, catering facilities, children’s entertainment and Parade Ring events.

To find out more please visit http://wadebridgewheels.co.uk or to donate please visit our Local Giving page https://localgiving.org/charity/cornwall-blood-bikes/

Those Song-Singing Beauties Do It Again For CBB

As the 2019 Royal Cornwall Show kicked off its first day the CBB charity stand had some very special visitors in the form of those Smile-Raising, Song-Singing, Kernow-Loving, Cornish Beauties that are our very dear friends from Oll and Gwella.
Oll an Gwella (meaning “All the Best” in Cornish) has evolved into an entertaining, rehearsed, a cappella male chorus. All members of Newquay Male Voice Choir, the (up to 11-man) group has a choral repertoire of over 100 songs including shanties, Cornish folk, 1960s classics plus seasonal & sacred music. 
They entertain for pleasure and raise thousands of pounds for charity including voluntary, charity and community groups.
Their first CD they donated the profits to “The Cove” Cancer centre in Truro, and similar donations have followed to various charities within Cornwall.
Cornwall Blood Bikes were fortunate enough to be Oll an Gwella’s nominated charity for 2018, performing & fundraising in all locations across Cornwall , and presenting a fabulous cheque as part of our CBB gala evening with donations made from their current CD “All the Best”. 

Last year at the 2018 RCS show proved to be exceptionally special for this great group of guys as their dear friend Andy Pappin came back for his first and final public performance. Andy was diagnosed with cancer in 2016 and if being diagnosed with cancer was not bad enough, Andy suffered a horrific RTC leaving him completely debilitated. 
With the support of his family, friends, and his band of brothers of Oll an Gwella, travelling great distances to support their friend, Andy made huge progress.
Andy had several wishes from his hospital bed, and one of which was to get back to singing & performing with Oll an Gwella.
Andy, an extremely proud Cornishman returned to his beloved Cornwall, and his wish was granted to be back performing with his great friends. 
In May last year he was told that the cancer had returned, and it was terminal, but Andy carried on dealing with everything with great courage and dignity. 
Cornwall Blood Bikes are extremely privileged that one of Andy’s first performances back together as a group, was in front of the CBB stand at The Royal Cornwall Show, which was incredibly special. Andy’s journey sadly came to an end in July 2018

In honour of the tremendous support that our charity has been given we asked in September 2018 if they would like the opportunity to name one of our operational fleet bikes, they did and “Andy yw an Gwella” proudly joined our fleet which means Andy was the best!

So on Thursday 6th June these wonderful silver topped gentleman joined us once again for a few of their wondrous songs and entertainment and they were reunited with their friend Andy, as the group formed around our operational fleet bike “Andy yw an Gwella” in honour of Andy. We did not realise however that our very own Dave Trudgeon was hiding a talent, we knew Dave was an exceptional fleet bike rider but he excelled himself with singing and dancing with our friends from Oll and Gwella. As the songs came to an end Rob Spowart stepped forward to give an impromptu speech, they had been selling their CDs with all profits to CBB as well as spreading their particular brand of entertainment in all locations across Cornwall.

CBB volunteers Dave, Jayne and John stepped forward as the giant cheque was unveiled to reveal an outstanding sum of £4,000.00

This amount is truly exceptional and we are lost for words and truly humbled at the phenomenal support that we have received from what we describe as some of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet.

Thank you really does not seem to be enough, as Oll an Gwella keep our wheels turning across our fabulous County of Cornwall.

If you would like to know more about Oll and Gwella please visit their website:- http://ollangwella.co.uk or to buy their CD All The Best

The Royal Cornwall Show 2019

With the Royal Cornwall Show well and truly over and only another 355 days to go until the next one we thought it was time to update everyone on what a truly huge success it was for Cornwall Blood Bikes.
It was a very long and busy week with 5am starts for Jayne, Ian and John including Wednesday set up and Sunday pack down day but we would do it all again in a heartbeat. 

Firstly we would like to take the opportunity to say a huge heartfelt thank you to our volunteers John Penlerick and Geoff Crocker for being in attendance for all three days. 

Also a big thank you must go to our CBB Fleet Manager John for the logistics of getting three of our fleet bikes to the show ground, and also to all those riders who assisted with these movements, it truly has been fabulous teamwork.

Day 1 (Thursday) and as the sun shone across the Counties show ground, we were joined by the legendary Mr T, who showed us a different side in the fact he can not only ride a motorbike exceptionally well, he has a great talent with his song singing and dancing with Geoffrey as some very special guests in the form of our dear friends All an Gwella stopped by to say hello.

Day 2 (Friday) saw a complete wash out for the show which was such a shame for every trade stand exhibitor and visitor, but what a team in the gazebo with Paul Thomas & Tim Cookman, but by 1:30pm the show ground was awash and our gazebo was floating so we joined all other trade stand exhibitors and shut up shop for the day.
Apologies to Tim he requested the hottest day (so note to self must do better next year!!)

Day 3 (Saturday) the sun was back shining and we welcomed Terri Crocker, Steve Mason & Alan Chowings to the stand for a glorious and exceptionally busy day. 

I think it is safe to say it was an exceptional three days for Cornwall Blood Bikes with our BMW’s “In Memory of Burt” and “Andy yw an Gwella” flying the flag as we enjoyed fabulous company.
Our BMW Bike “Spirit of Cornwall” was a huge success for our special friends from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Cornwall once again. 
This time instead of this bike being a brand new bike following its presentation last April, it was showcasing BMW 10’s mileage of 20,000 miles and a breakdown of all the jobs carried out. 
This magnificent bike was a perfect demonstration of the work continuously carried out by Freemasonry in Cornwall for the benefit of those less fortunate than themselves. 
“Spirit of Cornwall” demonstrates a very generous charity donation on behalf of the brethren put to exceptionally good use, and not only benefiting a charity, but the communities we are privileged to assist.

We had so many of our colleagues, our NHS partners, special friends from Cornwall Hospice Care and our dear supporters stopped by to say hello and over this coming week we will aim to share all the CBB adventures of our 2019 show. Watch this space….

So signing off with a truly heartfelt thank you to Lee Pengelly and the team at #royalcornwallshow #RCS19 for the incredible work that goes on behind the scenes to create the highlight of the Cornish year. You produced yet again another fabulous show which we feel honoured to be a small part of. 
To every single person who took the time to stop, chat with our volunteers, and send messages of support it means so much. 
And a special thank you to each and every one of our volunteers for giving up their time, and for all their help and constant support, we really could not have done it without you. 
Look forward to seeing you all again in 2020, get the date in your diary 4th -6th June!

Asda Hayle Support Cornwall Blood Bikes

Cornwall Blood Bikes volunteers are always delighted to be invited out to Asda, Hayle by their Community Champion Jenna Fentham. We are always made most welcome by all members of the staff and public doing their daily shopping.

Back In January 2019 we were invited to take part as a charity in the Green Token Giving Vote supported by The Asda Foundation. Members of the public are given their green tokens whilst doing their shop, and a choice of charities and good causes to vote for. There was an unprecedented response and Cornwall Blood Bikes were announced the winners of the incredible amount of £500.00

On Saturday 1st June 2019 CBB advanced on duty fleet bike riders Tim Cookman, and Ian Prout alongside the CBB Fleet Manager John Penlerick and Vice Chair Jayne Penlerick popped along to Asda, Hayle to accept this wonderful cheque. Yet again we were made most welcome as Jenz extended the hospitality with very welcome cups of tea, and a photo opportunity was managed just before Ian Prout was called away to a local hospital where he was needed.

A very big thank you to Jenz and her team at Asda, Hayle as well as The Asda Foundation for their wonderful support and most of all a heartfelt thank you to every single individual who took the time to vote for our charity as worthy winners. This is a fabulous amount which will ensure our wheels keep on turning around Cornwall and providing our bespoke and dedicated charity service.

CBB Save West Cornwall Hospital £70,000

On Friday 24th May, Cornwall Blood Bike volunteers were kindly invited to give a talk to West Cornwall Hospital (WCH) League of Friends AGM.
WCH League of Friends were keen to know more about our service in general but especially our operational part in assisting West Cornwall.
Our volunteers CBB Vice Chair Jayne Penlerick and on duty volunteer advanced rider Tim Cookman went along and were greeted by a very warm welcome.

We sat back and listened to the business of their AGM, and the very hard work that goes on behind the scenes with this group of volunteers as the league of friends.
The WCH League of Friends have been crucial in fighting for this incredible local hospital.
It is hard to believe that just over 10 years ago over 20,000 local people including Jayne as a local Cornish maid and family took to the streets of Penzance to march to stop the closure of this vital local hospital and the care that it provides.

Back In January 2018 our CBB Chair James Forder and Jayne approached the WCH hospital management team, as it was very noticeable that at 5 pm every night a taxi was couriering samples to RCHT, and we wondered in what way if any we could possible help them.
We started meetings in mid January, and met every few weeks for months.
I think it is safe to say they all met a few obstacles, but Paul (Hospital Manager) and Shirley (Clinical Lead Matron) were an absolute pleasure to work alongside and establish a fantastic working relationship with.

In July we became operational, and CBB riders would arrive at WCH at 17:45 Monday to Friday to collect pathology samples and courier to Clinical Chemistry at RCHT. These samples are already time jeopardised by the sheer geographical location of the hospital.
There were a few learning curves, but we have to say the biggest thank you to all those riders who in the early days showed patience whilst we settled into this routine role.

Now 10 months on it almost seems that CBB have always carried out this role, at 17:45 a blood bike arrives, picks up an insulated large box and delivers to Clinical Chemistry.
Very often we can be needed again later in the evening, and to assist in couriering up their twilight renal clinic samples.
Weekends we go over to normal tasking and have on many occasions been called for time critical samples during the night.

At Friday’s talk they all had the company of Paul and Shirley as they gave the update for WCH and its plans for the hospitals bright future which was encouraging to hear.
During Jayne’s heartfelt talk about our involvement with WCH to the league of friends she was interrupted by Paul to say he wanted to put things into perspective about how much we have helped them, and from the staff at WCH thank you can never be enough. He also praised how friendly and very kind the riders are.
In those 10 months since CBB have been providing our service to WCH we have saved that one single hospital over £70,000!!

This saving is going directly back into patient care, they have a new cardiac care room, they are investing in a new audiology department and have a state of the art Penlee Day Care Treatment centre.

Jayne quoted that she felt exceptionally proud to think what an honour and privilege that this charity has to able to assist this outstanding hospital in this way and that the dedicated individuals as Cornwall Blood Bike volunteer advanced riders have made that happen!

Thank you!