Asda Hayle Support Cornwall Blood Bikes

Cornwall Blood Bikes volunteers are always delighted to be invited out to Asda, Hayle by their Community Champion Jenna Fentham. We are always made most welcome by all members of the staff and public doing their daily shopping.

Back In January 2019 we were invited to take part as a charity in the Green Token Giving Vote supported by The Asda Foundation. Members of the public are given their green tokens whilst doing their shop, and a choice of charities and good causes to vote for. There was an unprecedented response and Cornwall Blood Bikes were announced the winners of the incredible amount of £500.00

On Saturday 1st June 2019 CBB advanced on duty fleet bike riders Tim Cookman, and Ian Prout alongside the CBB Fleet Manager John Penlerick and Vice Chair Jayne Penlerick popped along to Asda, Hayle to accept this wonderful cheque. Yet again we were made most welcome as Jenz extended the hospitality with very welcome cups of tea, and a photo opportunity was managed just before Ian Prout was called away to a local hospital where he was needed.

A very big thank you to Jenz and her team at Asda, Hayle as well as The Asda Foundation for their wonderful support and most of all a heartfelt thank you to every single individual who took the time to vote for our charity as worthy winners. This is a fabulous amount which will ensure our wheels keep on turning around Cornwall and providing our bespoke and dedicated charity service.