BMW 4 Joins our Fleet

It was a cold Friday morning when Stephan picked me up, being that I am a slightly larger chap it suddenly dawned on me that my genius plan of getting Stephan to drive up and I would ride the bike back, was a little flawed as his MG sports car pulled up.

Anyway, after cramming myself into the passengers seat, luckily without the use of an over sized shoe horn or crowbar, we were off.  About 20 minutes into the journey I discovered another issue with my plan; choosing to wear full bike gear to save getting changed at the other end was not the best of ideas in a small cramped hot car!

The drive to the far side of Bristol was quite interesting.  We saw a car fire, a jack-knifed caravan and lots of roadworks.

Eventually we arrived and were greeted by Pete from the Freewheelers who showed us to our new bike.  We were amazed at how clean it was, it was sparkling, it looked brand new.  I was just about to jump on it and ride off when Pete said “that’s our new bike”!  Well it was worth a try wasn’t it?  Anyway next to it was the bike we had come for an; 07 plate BMW R1200RT.  Stephan and myself had a good look round it and found it to be in far better condition than we had expected.  After a cup of tea we picked Pete’s brain about how they carry out there operations and Pete was most obliging and gave us lots of info so we have lots of things to look at and work on.

Now for the ride home.  The first thing, starting the bike, the switch configuration is different to our other BMW so this had me stumped.  Pete kindly pointed out the starter switch as well as pointing out the gear lever brake pedal and ignition just in case I had issues with those too; didn’t I feel silly!  My thanks to Pete for the warm welcome and being so helpful.

The sun was out and we were on our way back.  We got onto the M4 heading for the M5 South with me in front and Stephan following behind in his car.  With the traffic was moving freely we were making good progress.  After a few miles of driving we came across a sea of brake lights and the journey ground to a halt, well it did for Stephan anyway.  Now here’s where riding a bike has its advantages, carefully filtering where possible I was still making progress all be it slowly.  I made my way through the 3 miles of stationary traffic before coming to the roadworks which I made my way through and it was back to normal road speed again.

The ride back to Cornwall was uneventful and the bike preformed superbly with no issues whatsoever.  The weather was lovely until I got to Fraddon on the A30.  30 minutes from home and all of a sudden I came across the worst hail storm I’ve ridden in.  It just went white in seconds and all the traffic slowed to a crawl.  As quickly as it had started the hail storm stopped and I was left cold and slightly damp.  I was now only 20 minutes from home I carried on in the drizzle and rain.  What a welcome back to Cornwall!

I got home just as it started to get dark tucking the bike away for the night or so I thought, but that’s a story for another time!


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