On a bike

Launceston Steam Vintage Rally 2017

This last week end the charity was invited to attend the Launceston Steam Vintage Rally 2017 for the first time as their primary charity.

We set up on Saturday morning in the pouring rain and mist but the day turned out to be lovely. The 3-day event drew in crowds of people and as part of the proceedings we spoke to the visitors via microphone about the charity and what it does.

The Mini Moto was a great success again although the siren needs quietening slightly. The fleet bike drew huge interest as its sometime the closest that people get to that type of motorcycle. These events are always a good proving ground to iron out any problems and progress our processes and this one was no different.

Special thanks go to Con for his singular efforts on Saturday, always the professional. The event finished with Dids and I showing the visitors around the Bike 6, entertaining the children with the blue lights and making some very interesting friends showing more than a passing interest in long term funding so we will continue contact with them.

Thanks to all the volunteers who turned up to make the event flow so well. Here’s hoping that the relationship with the Rally organisers continues and grows stronger.

Ian Butler