Congratulations Conrad

Conrad Dowding has been with the charity since 2012, and Cornwall Blood Bikes takes our logo of “Riding for Life” exceptionally serious doing all we can to promote good road safety and a positive image of motorcycling.
All our riders are advanced trained holding either an IAM, RoSPA Gold or Police Class 1 Licence in order to ride one of our BMW 1200 RTPs

Con has been a Local IAM observer since 2017 but on Tuesday 9th April 2019 he passed his exams and proudly became a National Observer for the Institute of Advanced Motorists.
At 83 Con is an outstanding member of this charity, carrying out a huge amount of operational duty including relaying time critical samples up to J28 to carry on their journey to Bristol with our colleagues from Freewheelers EVS.

His riding skills, are what we can all aspire too and he is the epitome of “Riding For Life”.

On behalf of Cornwall Blood Bikes we send our huge Congratulations and thank Con for his time and dedication to our charity and in turn the people of Cornwall.

This is Con’s story in his own words…..

Took my test at sixteen on a 250 BSA bike, and then rode an assortment of British Bikes.

Got married, had kids, gave up on the bike then later, started again.

Found that the bikes had changed considerably, they were much faster, roads busier.

While I was growing up, you couldn’t afford a car, so most people used bikes for transport, to work and for leisure. Nowadays bikes are in the minority, hence the car travelling public don’t always seem to notice them. I very soon realised that I needed extra training, and having passed my Advanced Motorcar Test, I now enrolled in the IAM, this time for the motorbike and joined Cornwall Advanced Motorcyclists Club. This was an eye opener.

As well as being instructional, there is also a vibrant social side, ride outs, trips abroad etc.

In May 2012 I passed my IAM Test, having been with the Club for some time. It wasn’t long after this that I joined, the then Cornwall Freewheelers, now Cornwall Blood Bikes.

Realising just how much help I had needed coming back to biking and knowing that most of the people that help you to learn are all volunteers, I wanted to put something back and enrolled in the training to become a Local Observer. Passing the course in June 2017. The satisfaction of getting someone up to test standard and passing is immense,

Throughout this time, I was travelling with the Club and others, all over the Continent.

Brittany, Normandy, Germany, France, Corsica, Spain and onto Morocco. Southern Ireland and many trips around Wales.

In April 2017 I did the BMW Off Road Course, Level one, and then last year, 2018, I took my own bike a BMW GSA, put knobbly tyres on it, and did the Off-Road Course at Sweet Lamb Adventure Rally Academy in Wales.

Last year I also applied and was accepted to train for the National Observer Course, through the IAM, and last Tuesday 9th. April, I passed.

Pleased as this is a nationally recognised qualification.

During this time, I also carried on riding for Cornwall Blood Bikes, and have carried on with my associates from the Cornwall Advanced Motorcyclists. IAM.

This year I am also carrying on extra training, with the IAM.

Will shortly be going on a trip around all points of the compass in Great Britain, approx. 2700 miles with three others from our Club, and then later, perhaps a trip to Romania.

Who knows what the future holds?