Congratulations Tim

Cornwall Blood Bikes would like to send our congratulations to our very own Tim Cookman.
Tim passed his RoSPA Advanced Riding Test at Gold Level, which is to quote “the highest civilian riding standard available” he is now going forward to become a RoSPA rider tutor.
Tim has very kindly put together in his words why he has a love of motorcycling, and why his passion for safe riding led him to volunteer for CBB, and why he wants to continue to enhance his skills:-
“I have been riding a motorcycle on the road since 1969 when I reached my 16th birthday and before that off road in fields and the like.
My Grandad, Dad, Brother and Uncles all rode then as it was the only affordable means of personal transport so for me riding a motorcycle was a natural thing to adopt when I came of age.
In those days it was possible to ride any machine up 250cc as a learner and as soon as one had passed the test the upper limit disappeared.
Fast forward to summer 2006 and whilst on holiday I read “Long Way Round “ and thought to myself that I could and would like to do something similar and thus began my touring career. With a few like minded pals in the summer of 2007 we set off on our first European trip and have continued ,sometimes 2 trips a year.
During one such trip my son suggested that I should complete an advanced riding course , he already was advanced and said that he thought it would be beneficial to me.
Fast forward to Christmas 2014 when I had reason to be at Treliske hospital collecting  some mobility aids and I spotted a motorcyclist wearing a Blood Bike tunic who had delivered some samples and was preparing to ride off. I struck up a conversation with him and was inspired by what he had to say.
After the Christmas break I contacted a member of CBB to find out what was required to become an active member which for me at that time meant riding. I learned that only advanced riders could ride Fleet Bikes but was welcome to join as long as I agreed to enrol on an advanced riding course or the other option was to become an advanced rider first and then join CBB. I chose the latter and passed in January 2016 and was keen to pass on the knowledge and skills to help others. This proved a challenge until recently when I learned that RoSPA had started a riders advanced course in the area so I enrolled and under the watchful eye of my tutor and after few very enjoyable afternoon rides, I applied for my test and am pleased to say that on Good Friday I successfully completed it with a Gold award. Now I am in a position to learn how to pass on those skills to other riders and have undertaken training to help me to do just that.
In relation to CBB , I enjoy being an active member of the charity and am happy to help out whenever I can”
We would like to pass on our sincere and heartfelt thanks to Tim for his time, dedication and outstanding riding skills. He is a great asset to this charity and a wonderful ambassador.