Helluva Pasties Support CBB

During February you may have seen that Cornwall had some very special visitors this week.

Mr & Mrs Pasty from the The Cornish Pasty Association arrived in style on the night rivera lounge train way down West at Penzance on Monday 21st February to celebrate #CornishPastyWeek
Their first stop was West Cornwall Hospital, and from there you may have caught a glimpse of them making pasty deliveries to Fire & Ambulance Stations, Cornwall Air Ambulance HQ, RNLI, the iconic Eden project and even stopped to admire the view at Rick Steins in Padstow to name a few.
Did you spot them??
But the last stop of the day for the week, took them to Helluva Pasties and to meet the volunteers of Cornwall Blood Bikes to make their delicious pasty handover.
CBB are extremely proud of our Cornish roots as a purely volunteer run charity to our hospitals and hospices. We feel very privileged to be supported by the businesses and individuals of Cornwall.
We wonder how many blood bike duties & fundraising events have been fuelled on a good Cornish pasty?

A very big thank you from everyone at Cornwall Blood Bikes to Helluva Pasties
Oggy Oggy Oggy 🥟🥟🥟

Photographed (L-R)
CBB Advanced Fleet Bike Rider Alan Moss, Geoff Crocker, Terri Crocker, CBB Advanced Fleet Bike Rider Con Dowding and the girls from Helluva pasties