“It’s What We Do”

As the Spring beckoned and the lighter evenings started to show promise for a great Summer ahead on a Tuesday night of a normal operational week Cornwall Blood Bikes experienced a very busy evening with all our West, Mid and East riders out on call to our hospitals and hospices.

But as the majority of Cornwall settled down to sleep something very special was happening….
At just after 11:45pm our on duty co-ordinator received a call for our rider to be called out on a time critical from the mid of our County to the East, this rider returned home about 1:30am
So as our on duty co-ordinator began to call it a night he received a call just before 2 am from The Royal Cornwall Hospital, Blood Bank needing time critical samples to be relayed to Bristol.

The on duty co-ordinator was called at our friends at Freewheelers EVS to see if they could oblige to meet up with our rider.
Our on duty mid rider was woken shortly after 2am, with our East rider also being alerted to be on standby for a RV with the Mid rider at the edge of our County.
These time critical samples were handed over with Freewheelers EVS around 5am and then continued their journey to their destination in Bristol.
We would like to express our thanks to Freewheelers EVS for all their help & assistance, and our sincerest heartfelt thank you to all riders who experienced a busy night on Tuesday.
Especially our on duty coordinator who saw the entire night with them to make sure everyone was safe, and those three riders who did late night calls, with two riding through the entire night to get these vital samples to their intended destination.

When the riders were thanked the simple reply was:-
“No need for thanks that is exactly what we are here for”
They all got up and continued with work and commitments the next day.

This displays volunteering at its ultimate best and truly shows why we say our volunteers really do go the extra mile..