Lanlivery Rally Gives Outstanding Donation

The Lanlivery Vintage Rally has, for many years been a supporter of the Cornwall Blood Bike Charity from our very humble beginnings we are always invited for the 3 day event.

Our first visit consisted of  Ian Butler & Steve Wells, Ian’s bike, a fleet bike and a banner thrown between the two bikes.

We’ve come a long way with now our CBB gazebo’s, tables, leaflets etc. We are always given a nice spot and we have always received great hospitality from the committee.

There have been rained off and windy events and there have been fantastic weather events but that’s the weather for you.


This year, we were invited along to the 2018 presentation on 15thMarch 2019 at the Colwith Farm Distillery near Lanlivery.

CBB advanced fleet bike riders Brendan Hale and Andy Bellamy attended and we were presented with an unprecedented outstanding sum of £4,750.00

This amount is a first from the Lanlivery event and was a totally surprise to our volunteers Brendan and Andy  who believed we were so lucky to be recieving £400 and something. We will be attending the 2019 event as this has become a traditional event which the charity considers a must.

Ian Butler CBB Fundraising Manager quoted:-

” I am honoured that we have got to this point with the Lanlivery Committee, and all the extraordinary and unending support that they have always given our purely volunteer run charity,  and fully intend to maintain or better the relationship that we now have, and hope this continues into our future..