Our Donation Receiving Process

Cornwall Blood Bikes is funded totally by the generosity of our communities within Cornwall and we can receive donations in a number of different ways

We are able to receive donations through:

Cheques provided to us
Cheques paid directly into our bank account
Direct Bank Transfers to our bank account
The donation button on our website
Cash donations handed directly to our volunteers
Cash raised at events held for us

As a registered Charity, we have to comply with the requirements of the Charity Commissioners as well as ensuring that we are both honest and transparent with our donors.

To that end we have agreed a way of handling donations that meets these objectives.

When a volunteer attends any fund raising activity and is handed a donation that is not in a sealed Cornwall Bloodbikes collection pot, they will place the money into a tamper proof bag  and seal it .

This bag remains sealed and tracked until it is counted.  All  donations are opened and counted by two committee members on the 28th of each month and the sums collected are posted in the “Latest News” section of our website

Our volunteers are happy to accept cheques and sealed Cornwall Blood Bikes collection pots as well as cash, provided that they have a transport bag and seal.

If they do not have a bag, then they will make an arrangement to collect the cash at a later date or give details of our account to the collection organiser so that they may pay the money in themselves.

 A receipt will be given for all money taken by a volunteer.

Volunteers are often asked by organisers of events to count the money raised.  We do not allow our volunteers to do this, as it conflicts with the need for the reckoning to be independently verified.  We realise that this can disappoint organisers, but it is an important part of the way that we handle Charity money.

Our Bank Account Details are:

Account Name:  Cornwall Blood Bikes
Account Number:  43478335
Sort Code:  20-50-40

Bank: Barclays Bank