RNAS Culdrose AED Generously Donate

Back in July Cornwall Blood Bikes were very kindly invited along to RNAS Culdrose to the Air Engineering Departments Family Day. We had been the AED nominated charity of the year and because there was quite a few bikers on their section then they felt it seemed very apt to support the biking world of blood bikers.

So on the 30th July our very own John Penlerick and Paul Thomas headed to RNAS Culdrose for the families day, although our impressive BMW RTPs seemed very insignificant compared to their Merlin helicopters.

It was a fabulous day with much to see and do for the families, it is always great to catch up with friends & supporters of the charity in the form of the super talented Jenny Marquis from Brush Strokes Body Art & Face Painting and a selfie or two was taken!

Around lunchtime there was a very special presentation when members of RNAS Culdrose AED presented Cornwall Blood Bikes with a cheque for £713.41, the monies of which had been raised from two events. CBB were picked as the Mess’s chosen charity for Dinner which commemorated the Falklands Conflict, as such all donations associated with the dinner were given by mess members and Falklands veterans. Additionally the base said goodbye to two long standing Mess members who were dined out in the mess after 38 & 35 years of naval service, proceeds from that event were also chosen to be gifted to Blood Bikes.

Additionally after the families day a further £227.30 was donated from the RNAS AED Department making a grand total of £940.71 a truly phenomenal amount for our purely volunteer run charity.

We would like to say a big heartfelt thank you to all the team of the Air Engineering Department based at RNAS Culdrose for their outstanding hospitality shown to our volunteers on the day and this most generous donation.

The Mess Vice President quoted:- ” The work that blood bikers do is very much appreciated by Mess Members here at RNAS Culdroseand it is our pleasure to donate such monies which will help you keep doing the important work you do”