St. Mellion Lady Golf Captain Lends Support

In mid-2017, Cornwall Blood Bikes was approached by the incoming St. Mellion Ladies Golf Captain, Glennis Wootton, as she had to select a Charity to support for her tenure.
Our CBB Fundraising Manager Ian Butler went along to St. Mellion to give a presentation about the charity, what we do and how we do it over coffee and she was delighted to confirm that CBB would be her choice.

Over the year Ian attended an evening networking event with Cornwall Young Farmers and Glennis also held her Captains Charity Day on the 1st July 2018 where CBB Fleet Manager John Penlerick, and CBB advanced bike riders Burt Reynolds and Gustaf Erikkson attended on what was a drizzly day but much fun was had by all with our volunteers playing “gangsta dress up”.

The lady golfers held several events over the year, all based around walking the greens of the St. Mellion Golf Club. They held a Captains Day and in November 2018 Ian Butler was kindly invited to attend and receive a cheque on behalf on the charity.

We thank Glennis and all the ladies for thinking of us and raising money for us. They were left in no doubt what the funds would be used for and how essential there support had been.