The Oarsome Foursome’s incredible challenge for CBB

Back in July 2017 CBB’s fundraising manager Ian Butler and CBB PR Media Liaison Jayne Penlerick headed way down West for a special meeting and met with Bird Watts, and Mo O’Brien (Mother & Daughter). To say Ian and Jayne were astounded by what they heard was an understatement.

Bird & Mo are part of a team along with Linda Whittaker, & Claire Allison.
These four Cornish ladies “The Oarsome Foursome” who are hoping to take part in the Talisker Whisky Altalntic Challenge raising money and awareness for Cornwall Blood Bikes.

This is a 3,000 mile row in a small compact ocean rowing boat which will be their “home” for 3 months while at sea.
They leave from La Gomera in December 2019 and finish in Antigua hopefully in March 2020.

Bird told us “ Although there were and are many deserving causes, we really wanted to do something that would specifically benefit our own County. We heard of Cornwall Blood Bikes through word of mouth, we hadn’t heard of them before and it seem their work can go largely unnoticed by many of the general public.
Our aim is to raise money and awareness to support this wonderful charity and to enable them to continue their fabulous work, any one of our family or friends that could need them for their help”
And so their exciting adventure begins……

These ladies so far have put in a tremendous effort and are undergoing intense physical training as well as the wonderful energy that they have thrown into their fundraising efforts. So far they have secured some sponsorship, held cake stalls, grand raffles, and you will see them at supermarkets near to you very soon again this Summer.

They have Just Giving Pages where you can help fund their vital equipment needed to take on this challenge.

or where you can donate to help the fabulous charities including ours that they are supporting.

Please take a look a look at the Oarsome Foursomewebsite, Facebook & Instagram feeds to keep up to date with all their news, they need all our support as they take on this incredible challenge.

Ladies, from all at CBB you truly are awesome!