Volunteers Week, Our Volunteers tell their story…

In a celebration of #VolunteersWeek it seemed a good time to hear what drives our volunteers to give up their time and do what they do for the communities of Cornwall.

One of our newer volunteers Steve Richards who joined the charity towards the end of 2017 tells his story:-

I’ve volunteered for over 20 years in Her Majesty Coast Guards, so it’s in my blood so to speak!

I needed a change last year so combining my love of  motorcycling and still volunteering was a no brainier for me really.

The thanks and gratitude I receive from the NHS staff when I call in is overwhelming really. I hope to continue to be part of this amazing charity for a long time to come.”

“One shift I did during the cold snap recently. I left home just after 5 pm on the first call and did not get back until just after 23:00 and covered 197 miles. Call after call !


A very big thank you to Steve from all at CBB for giving up his time to support our hospitals and hospices across Cornwall.