VolunteersWeek, Our Volunteers tell their story

As part of #VolunteersWeek it was very important to get all aspects and stories. Meet one of our East area riders Pete Nash.

Pete joined the charity in May 2017 and here is just one of his experiences.

“I won’t lie but the main reason for volunteering for Blood Bikes was the opportunity to ride for a purpose.

I have never been one to ride aimlessly,

I’ve always had to have a goal or end destination in sight. This, coupled with my belief that the NHS is a public resource in need of support was my secondary reason.

I mostly enjoy the riding to and from the various local hospitals, though one unseasonal night in March I had a call to go to junction 27 on the M5.

It was a wild and freezing cold night with squalls of hail and snow – I got home at 3am, tired, cold and wet! Fortunately such rides are rare.

Belonging to an organisation with a common purpose is both interesting and fulfilling.

I still feel like a novice and continue to learn new things but being a volunteer comes without the pressure of paid work and this makes it all the more enjoyable.”

Thank you Pete for dedicating your time to ring for the charity and supporting our NHS partners.